Marketing Playbook Process; Marketing Plan Template

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Marketing Playbook Process; Marketing Plan Template

Here’s a 6 step marketing plan template my answer to the boring ineffective marketing templates I find!

 This is a subset of my original Marketing Playbook toolkit.  If you’re ready to upgrade from static plans to dynamic real time playbooks. Here you go.

If you click on the arrows it will take you through the path I’ve created. At any time click on a document or visual to bring it into view, hold down your mouse and move around the screen if you want to  ’navigate freely.  One click to the side of any visual and you will zoom out. Click on an item to zoom in.

Hover over the bottom portion of the video for the navigation bar.  Again, the difference between this and the creating a marketing playbook prezi is that this presentation highlights the 6 steps to creating your playboo, it’s a marketing template.

Enjoy and leave your comments!

Pam Hoelzle

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