Understanding Your Peeps…

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Why aren’t we growing? Getting donations? Getting new accounts?

It’s a great question. And these days one that is being asked in almost every nook and cranny of every venture, organization and business.

My answer is to usually ask more questions…
Who are your clients? Who else…not just the end user of your services or products but the strategic partners who help you bring it to market, who else cares about your big idea? Who else might care about it?

What are your clients pain points and your target strategic partners pain points?

How do you provide a unique solution to the pain, desire they have?

What are the elements, the attributes that your solutions; products and services offer that get everyone excited, that drive value, loyalty…what is valuable that you do- and how is it different..

You must understand ALL your target clients and strategic partners needs and wants and you must understand what it is about your unique solution; venture that is different and of HIGH, incredible, THICK value to understand how to best grow.
Don’t go out and tactic yourself to death. Get over that immature, fear based leadership style.

Think. Listen. Ask. Listen. Partner. Align. Listen. Create value and take your strategy into daily actions to transform your peeps lives…

So go back and get cozy with your clients and strategic partners…ask the questions, listen and then look around at how other orgs, products and services in different niches, markets and industries are creatively driving value, getting people engaged and telling their story…

Your peeps….they have the answers…to how to grow; are you listening?

Pam Hoelzle

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